Welcome to New Order of Chivalric Knights

a graphic of a Knight in black and whiteThe New Order of Chivalric Knights (NOCK) was developed not only as an organization for people to learn about and become skilled in the medieval art of broadsword. We are a community-minded organization that looks to help develop the whole person, instilling the character traits of “Honor, Integrity, and Disciple”. We believe that these traits have been water down in our society, throughout the ages. The Membership of NOCK believes by investing time into people (youth to adults) we are able to bring out these traits.

One such program is “Tri-Blade Fencing Academy” this is open to the public fencing club, with a minimum personal investment. Through this program, youth and adults will have the chance to learn all three Olympic weapons while developing the above character traits. All three weapons are required to belong to NOCK.
NOCK is a full knighting organization everyone starts as a squire and can work into the position of Knight; this process is not a quick journey it may take many years to obtain the title. Along the way you will be building your own suit of armors, learning the skills of the broadsword and other weapons.
Thank you for your interest the New Order of Chivalric Knights. If you have any question please contact us through an online form.