Board of Directors

President ~ Sir Craig S. Smith
Vice President ~ Zeke Talmage
Secretary ~ Sir Craig S. Smith
Treasurer ~ Sir Kyle Wilder
Member at Large ~ Anderson Thompson
Member at Large ~ Josh Hatley
Member at Large ~ Greg “Danielle” Hudson

The position of President is that of the leader.  The President conducts the meetings and all votes.  The responsibilities are all that of the President and fall on the President if things are not done.  The President has the authority to authorize the spending of accounts and has the authority to act on behalf of the corporation.  They must also be present for all meetings barring emergency as well as all financial responsibility and legal documentation for the corporation.

Vice President
The position of Vice President is that of assistant to the President and substitute for the President in case of emergency.  The Vice President is also directly responsible for the annual report to the members which is a report to the membership about the financial status, spending, and future plans of the board and company

The position of the Secretary is to document all meetings as required by law and to provide all information regarding corporate records and procedures.  The secretary is also responsible for creating all necessary statements and corporate documentation and records for legal and historical purposes.

The Treasurer is responsible for the financial bookkeeping and legal documents required by the federal government and state government and all IRS and financial documentation.  Monthly reports will be reported to the board members as well as any required audits.  Legal responsibilities for all financial transactions are that of the Treasurer.

Member at Large
The responsibilities of Members at Large are mostly for voting on issues presented before the board as well as temporary replacements for positions left vacant or abandoned on the board until replacement elections can occur.